Six golf voucher strategies for your club or course

Posted: 2nd August 2017 in App feed, MiClub Golf, Vouchers

MiClub Voucher

Why vouchers work

Consumers love a bargain. A special offer or discount can be the push a consumer needs to try a new product or engage with a new brand or return to buy again. Shoppers are motivated to complete a first time purchase when they are offered a voucher.  We’ve identified six voucher strategies to get value for your club or course. 

Long established in the US and UK markets, Australians are picking up on the concept of looking for an incentive or a value-add.

First appearance: The first use of a coupon in marketing was initiated by Coca Cola in 1887. Homes around the US received a coupon to try a free coke, introduced a year earlier. The campaign was hugely successful with one-in-nine Americans receiving a free drink over the next nine years, rapidly establishing Coke as a market leader. (Time)

Types of voucher


Certain events or dates will automatically trigger a voucher to be sent. Examples are birthdays, anniversaries and reminders.


Once certain criteria has been met, as configured by the club or course, a voucher may issued to reward loyalty.

Gift vouchers

Vouchers purchased to be shared beyond the purchaser. Effective way of spreading word of mouth and reaching new markets.

Special offers

Simple incentives to encourage bookings.

Tailored to fit

Clearly not all consumers will take up a voucher, and different market segments will have different levels of interest in vouchers. A discount voucher might not be of interest to a golfer who already uses your course regularly. A loyalty reward won’t work for an irregular golfer. Vouchers can be tailored to your own marketing strategies, to reach different groups at key times. Below are six sample strategies that may be relevant to your club.

Six voucher strategies


Goal: To increase public player visitation who have played in the last year to return for a game.
Strategy: Send a birthday voucher to public player database with a deal to encourage them to return.


Goal: To increase the public player’s frequency of play.
Strategy: Create a trigger to send a voucher to a player after a set number of bookings with a deal to reward them for their loyalty. Package voucher to be more of a deal, eg, include lunch.


Goal: To increase public players who have not played recently to return for a game. (We miss you!)
Strategy: Send a voucher to public player database with a deal to encourage them to return for a game. Great for making your club and course stand out from competitors.


Goal: Build a relationship with new customers
Strategy: Send a voucher to a new public registered player to create goodwill.


Goal: To encourage registrations to actually complete a booking. (Reduce booking abandonment).
Strategy: Create a trigger upon public booking registration to send a voucher to the player which can be redeemed at first booking.


Goal: Use your social media channels to reach new markets.
Strategy: Promote gift vouchers for key times of the year, eg, Christmas, Mothers Day, spring season. Push through your social media channels (Facebook. Twitter, Instagram) for organic reach, or run a paid campaign. (Contact us for help with social media marketing).

More information

MiClub’s vouchers are highly customisable and can be tailored to your club or courses requirements.

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