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Posted: 17th April 2019 in MiScore App

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Traditionally golf clubs have restricted the use of mobile phones to help members disconnect and create a comfortable social atmosphere. However, with the rise of a new generation of golfers and the advancement of technology, mobile apps are becoming more popular. In fact, now phones can actually enhance a player’s golf experience.

There are mobile applications for digital scoring, distance-measuring, and even online bookings. Imagine having a score entry solution that automatically tallies your scores and tracks pace of play. Helpful notifications sent directly your phone when it’s time to tee off or when competition results are available. Players could immediately know the distance to the pin to improve their club selection and strategy. When you understand what is possible, it’s easy to see why golf apps have become so convenient!

An international study found that people use about 10 apps per day to manage their lives. The same behavioural study found that people around the world generally spend about 2 – 3 hours per day using these apps. Forward-thinking golf managers will be able to predict how this technology will influence the way we play golf. There are currently over 30 Australian golf clubs using MiClub mobile apps to increase member engagement with bookings, event results, competition leaderboards, and push notifications. This technology makes the booking process easier while connecting with players on the most personal device they own. Instead of opening a browser to book through a website, they can just tap on a mobile app. 

The MiScore App

In response to 2019 rule changes allowing digital scoring; MiClub is releasing a convenient scoring app that improves golf experiences for members. Now Australian golf clubs will be able to offer two score entry options at competitions. Members can download and use the MiScore App at registered clubs or continue to score traditionally with paper MiScore cards. Since the app is integrated with MiClub’s Golf software, both score entry methods will be effective. This makes the MiScore App very easy to introduce by still accommodating those members that are not quite ready to make the switch to digital scoring. 

To use this app, digital score entry must be approved by your committee and your club must be registered on the app.#

MiScore App

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How do I make this available at my club? 

If this is something you would like to offer your members, you can register your interest to keep up to date with the latest product news. We will notify you when the MiScore App becomes available.


How does it work?

  1. Committee Approval
    The club committee must agree upon the introduction of digital scoring on mobile devices using MiClub’s score validation method (digital signature). Digital signature verification  is used in the MiScore App to authenticate player/marker scoring instead of the traditional paper scorecard sign off method. 
    Also the MiScore app has been approved by the R&A as complying with the requirements of the 2019 Rules of Golf. 
  2. Activation
    The MiScore App module is activated within the MiClub Golf or OneGolf product. Once activated, GPS coordinates can be configured that allow players to see distance from the pin in app. Members will also be able to digitally score for guest players using the app.

  3. Member notification
    Club sends out notice to members that the MiScore App is available for download from the App Store or Google Play. The notification must clearly state that digital scoring through the app is optional. Players can still elect to continue scoring with the traditional paper scorecard method. 

  4. Member download
    Once a member downloads the MiScore App, they select their club and login with the same credentials used for the club booking portal (MiClub Golf or OneGolf users only). 

  5. Pro shop
    On the day of play, the member will register at the pro shop, pay their comp fee and receive a paper scorecard. In the event a playing partner does not have the app, the paper scorecard can be used.

  6. Scorer allocation
    On the tee, players arrange who shall be marking for who. At this point the app user selects the player who they will be marking for and the hole they are starting on. 

  7. Score entry
    At the end of the first hole of play, the app user applies the gross score of the player and their own score. This continues until the last hole played. The marker can not submit their own score and the process of marking their own score is similar in the marker column of a traditional card which is used for self reference and checking scores with the playing partner. 

  8. End of round confirmation
    Confirmation of scores at the end of the round occurs: the marker advises the total nett scores the app has calculated for the player as well as their own score. (Advisable to check hole by hole as well). The player checks their own card/app that the scores match. If not, then they check hole by hole until coming to an agreement.
  9. Digital sign-off
    Once both scores are confirmed, the player and the marker digitally sign off on final scores through the app. 

  10. Score submission
    The marker can now submit the players scores to MiClub Golf for processing.

  11. Competition Management
    The competition administrator has access to view the scores online. The administrator will be able to determine which scores were submitted through the MiScore App and the individual marker that submitted the scores. The player and marker signatures applied to the scores will be clearly visible in this area too. 

*Price – There are two options available to purchase the app. Golf Clubs can choose to purchase the MiScore App module with unlimited use for their members. Alternatively, members can individually pay an annual subscription fee to use the app. Please contact a MiClub Account manager to learn more.

#Miscore App is designed for Club Handicap competitions within the realm of Australian Golf Clubs utilising MiClub’s Competition Management system and who’s club committee have approved of the method to accept digital scores. Interested users of the app should contact their club to check if they are valid to use.