MiScore 6-month offer at no cost concludes September 30

Posted: 25th August 2020 in MiScore App

MiScore app score entry on golf buggy

Over the past 6-months, the uptake of the MiScore app by clubs, courses, and golfers of all ages has been phenomenal. Without a doubt, digital scoring has become the preferred method based on over 2,000 reviews and score entry statistics.

There are many benefits associated with using MiScore for score entry. The digital score entry process reduces physical contact to ensure covid-safe golf activity. Digital scoring is environmentally-friendly, reducing the usage of paper scorecards and ink cartridges. The efficiency of digitally entering scores also produces faster competition results and pace of play. Members get to enjoy features including live leaderboards, player statistics, automated score calculation, and interactive distance measurement.

MiClub’s offer of 6-months free use of the MiScore app is expiring on September 30 (Excluding Victoria). In response to many clubs wanting to purchase MiScore, we are offering a club pricing option; MiScore Club Subscription.

Clubs have 2 options:

MiScore App – Club Subscription
Initial License Fee of $1,100 +GST and $4,200 annual support (9&18 holes)

Purchase a MiScore Club Subscription for members limited use only at the subscribed club.

MiScore App – User Subscription
$16.50 per annum

Allow club members and visitors to purchase a MiScore User Subscription at no cost to the club. With a User Subscription, golfers can use MiScore at any MiClub client course (500 plus venues) for social scoring and GPS distance measurement. Score entry for competitions is also available, subject to the club or event organiser approving this method of score entry. Golfers can purchase MiScore on the Apple Store or Google Play Store.


Will MiScore be compatible with all smartphones?

Most of them. MiScore has been successfully used on a very wide range of smartphones. MiClub is always available to assist when required to test any new devices. 


How do users subscribe to MiScore?

Golfers subscribe to MiScore with their Apple App Store or Google Play Store accounts.


Where can I use MiScore with a user subscription?

You can use MiScore at 500 plus golf clubs and courses using MiClub software. The social scoring and GPS functions will be available at all 500 sites. Although, competition score submission will be determined by the club for any event. 


Is digital scoring approved by the R&A?

Yes, MiScore app is an approved method of scoring under the rules of golf 3.3b(2)/1.


If anyone has issues with MiScore, who provides the support?

MiClub. All MiScore users have access to MiClub’s reliable support service through the in-app feedback form or support@miclub.com.au


Can development ideas, suggestions and requirements be requested?

Yes, we encourage feedback! However, keeping MiScore simple to use is a priority. MiClub is conscious of improving the pace of play, so contact with the MiScore app during rounds will be minimised with only essential features and requirements. 


How does a golf club/course purchase a MiScore Club Subscription?

The golf club can place an order with MiClub. When members download the app and login to the club it will bypass the payment request.


Will players still have the option to use a scorecard?

Yes, players will still have this option as it works alongside players using the app. Especially when using the self-scoring option approved by Golf Australia during COVID.


Will the Club Subscription Model allow visitors to use MiScore?

No, the Club Subscription option is available for club members only. However, visitors will be able to use MiScore if they purchase a User Subscription.


If a golf club or course decides to have members subscribe, and the club NOT purchase the club model, will it cost anything to run competitions?

No! If the club/course prefers the members to subscribe to MiScore, rather than the club/course taking up the Club Subscription model, then there is no charge to the club/course to use MiScore app. The exception to additional costs will be Pace of Play as mentioned earlier.


Will there be more competition types added?

Yes, MiScore will include additional competition types over the coming weeks and months. Fourball competitions are now supported and foursomes will be available in the coming weeks. 


Will there be additional costs for enhancements?

There will be continual enhancements to MiScore. Most will have no charge as we improve the app. At this stage, the Pace of Play module is the only enhancement with additional costs. 


When is the Pace of Play module available?

Our development focus has been on COVID features such as self-scoring. However, we can now devote our development time to completing this module. The new Pace of Play module is now under development and we will notify clients of it’s availability as we get closer to release. 


What will the Pace of Play module cost?

Currently MiScore has a round timer and reports on individual round times. These are included in MiScore free of charge. The full Pace of Play module will attract an additional cost to the club which is still yet to be determined. The investment will be considerably less than alternative products on the market that rely on hardware as part of their solution.


If a high percentage of members subscribe, will the MiScore Club annual support charge be reduced?

Yes, however this will be determined after year 1 on a case-by-case basis.


How successful has MiScore been implemented?

MiScore has been highly successful with many of the 240 clubs reporting an uptake by 90% of their fields. A report will soon be publishing outlining the percentage uptake at all clubs.