Facebook advertising: How to run your own campaign

Posted: 16th October 2017 in Marketing and communications, Marketing services

Facebook advertising statistics

Facebook provides a cost effective, targeted marketing tool. It can be a great tool for promoting a club or course, an event or a special offer. 

Australian are heavy users of social media, with Facebook still being the preferred platform. There is a potential market available for clubs and courses to run a digital campaign. A standard post on a Facebook page will get ‘organic’ traffic, that is, it may be seen by those who follow your page if it come up in their feed. If your followers have a lot of friends and follow a lot of pages however, the chances of organic traffic is fairly low.

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You can do this!

In an ideal world, perhaps you would hire a social media marketing company to run a campaign for you. They would assist you in fine-tuning your strategy or objective for a campaign and would create the campaign for you. They would run the campaign and provide you with a report on its completion.

However, in reality, many clubs and course may not have a budget to outsource marketing.

The good news is, with some guidelines, you can run a simple campaign yourself.

Most clubs and courses have a presence on Facebook. If you have a Facebook business page – you can also run a Facebook campaign to address your marketing objectives.

Steps to a DIY Facebook campaign

  1. Facebook advertisingThink about what you want to achieve. Do you want to increase membership enquiries? Do you want to have RSVP’s to an event or competition? Identify a clear objective for the campaign before you start.
  2. Clear message and action. Social media messaging has to be very brief, very clear and have an immediate call to action. Draft up your message, your introductory text and make sure there is a clear ‘next step’ for the user to take.
  3. Imagery. The image is what will be noticed. Make sure the image matches your objective. If you are promoting a dinner deal – a shot of the golf course won’t sell it. Don’t be afraid to set up and take a few photos yourself – just get the best possible shot. (See also Getting the best website images). There are some online tools available to assist you in creating a graphic for your campaign. Take a look at Canva for an example.
  4. Prepare your post. Facebook do a good job of stepping you through creating an ad.

Create an ad through  Facebook’s help page


MiClub does offer marketing services. If you would like help identifying a strategy, or setting or designing a campaign, contact us for assistance.We can train appropriate staff members on the tools and programs needed to run a campaign, either in social media or Google Adwords.

If you are not sure what you need, contact us for a consultation and quote.

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