7 MiClub communication tools to connect with golfers

Posted: 28th April 2020 in Marketing and communications

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Effective member and customer communication is vital to the long-term success of any club or course. However, in times of uncertainty it becomes especially important! MiClub’s golf software has several communication channels available within the product to help you maintain contact with your community. We encourage you to use these tools to their fullest and let golfers know what is going on at your club or course. The MiClub support team are available to assist with the setup of any of the following features.

1. Fixture Notice

Displaying at the top of the timesheet fixture, this is a notice designed to grab the attention of members during the booking process. This content managed area can include both text and links to share important information. The fixture notice is normally a great place for local rules updates. Recently this space has been utilised to encourage members to download the MiScore App or notify players of amendments to the timesheet structure/limits.


How to create a fixture notice:

To create a fixture notice you just need to click “Add Notice” on the top of the timesheet fixtures. Add the information you wish to share and save. For more information about creating a fixture notice you can read the Add Booking Notice help article or contact MiClub Support. 

Fixture notice example


2. Post Round Reminder

Normally this feature is used as a follow up email after the day of play. The post round reminder message can also be used to send important information prior to the day of play. Clubs and courses still operating have used this communication to notify golfers when a timesheet needs to be re-configured with amended tee times or to notify players regarding new social distancing policy.


How to create a post round reminder email:

Select “Utilities” from the navigation menu then click “Manage Messages”. Find the member booking reminder & confirmation template and select “Edit”. Use the drag and drop editor to create your post round email communication. Once you have finished, save the email and return to the timesheet. For more information about creating a post round reminder you can read the article Send an email to players on a timesheet or contact MiClub Support.

Member Booking Reminder


3. Timesheet T&Cs

Displaying immediately as a pop-up when a member enters a timesheet. Timesheet T&Cs are a very effective tool for highlighting important information to members. Recently clubs and courses have been utilising this feature to promote safe and healthy behaviour on course such as take a drop from bunkers, don’t remove the flag stick, and practise social distancing. 


How to create timesheet T&Cs:

From the timesheet, select “Events” and then “Terms & Conditions”. Add a title and select “Create new Terms and Conditions“. Then proceed to type in important information for members and save. Click “Preview” and then make this page visible on the internet. Then return to your event configuration and select your new terms and conditions from the drop-down menu under General Details. To learn more take a look at our article Add Terms & Conditions or contact MiClub Support.

4. Portal Messaging 

*Communication Module (cost applies)

My Messages module allows the club to communicate with members via the MiClub members portal website and mobile site. When the module is enables (initial setup fee required) a message can be sent to:

  • An individual member
  • All active members
  • Members booked on a timesheet

On the mobile, when a member has logged in, messages appear as a notification on the members’ home screen. To use this communication tool the MiClub Mobile module is required. 


5. SMS

*Communication Module (cost applies)

This module includes features like automatic SMS booking notifications sent to players moved from the reservation list. You can send selected members a message from the members directory or send SMS messages directly to selected or full timesheet bookings. Great uses for SMS are:

  • Weather alerts to players on course
  • Cancellation messages for competitions due to heat (night before)
  • Last minute reminders and changes to events

Recently clubs have used SMS to communicate changes in timesheet structure, cart procedures, and reminders for social distancing policy. 

6. Enews

*Communication Module (cost applies)

Enews is a professional and engaging email software designed to help you build a stronger connection with your target audience. With drag and drop features, email campaigns can be easily created and customised by an administrator.

This solution integrates seamlessly with your MiClub database and current contacts. Still a preferred method of communication for B2C in Australia, email newsletters provide a professional and effective platform to manage communications to your members or customers. Advanced analytical campaign reporting displays detailed trends and insights allowing you to identify important metrics such as who has opened, clicked through, or bounced from your mail outs.

With the constantly changing updates of COVID-19, clubs have been utilising Enews to keep members updated with all relevant information. 

Enews email editor


7. Club App

*Communication Module (cost applies)

Take your course’s branding to the next level and discover why an app platform is considered the ultimate in design and usability. Visible at all times, a MiClub App can help your course create a direct marketing channel to your customers, providing extra value, improving customer engagement and loyalty. The individual venue app will be available for download via URL, QR code, or on the App Store. Clubs and courses have been utilising the push notifications to promote health and safety messages regarding COVID-19 at their venues and any changes made to course operations. 


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