8 ways to promote your club’s app

Posted: 18th January 2018 in Marketing and communications, Mobile App

Mobile apps open a whole new communication channel for clubs to interact with their members and customers. To properly take advantage of this, we’ve put together some simple and cost effective ways golf clubs can promote their app and increase downloads. 

1. Publish a blog post

Your club members are logging into your website daily to make bookings, view competition results, and keep in the loop with what’s happening around your facility. Direct your members by creating a blog announcement on your website promoting the launch of your new app. Include some information on the features of your app and how to download it. The great thing about blog posts is that they are very easy to share online, which makes them a great way to communicate. 

For information about how to create a blog post with WordPress, click here

Sample Blog Post 

Sample blog post

2. Share your direct download page

Upon the launch of a MiClub app each club receives a complimentary direct download page complete with links where members can download your app. Include the link to the download page in all your promotional materials and add a link to this page on your club website. These materials could include brochures, flyers, and signs.
To see what a direct download page looks like, take a look at the Carbrook, Camden, and Rossdale Golf Clubs direct download pages. 

Camden Golf Club Direct Download Page

3. Link the web version on your website

Every MiClub app comes with a free desktop version of your app layout. From your direct download page, click the ‘Also available on Desktop and Web App’ link to view the online version of your app. From there you can copy the URL address and add a link of the Web App to any page on your website. 

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Rossdale WebApp

Rossdale web app

4. Send an eNews announcement

Promote the launch of your club app using your eNews system. Simply create a new campaign for members and send it through using a contact list consisting of your membership and visitor database. Much like the blog post, let your customers know about the great features on your app and where they can go to download it. 

5. Post a social media announcement

Share the app with your social followers on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The majority of your followers will already be browsing on mobile devices which makes app downloads much more convenient.
When you post your announcement, don’t forget to include a URL link sending readers to your direct download page. 

6. Add store icons to digital and printed materials 

Everyone is familiar with the App Store and Google Play icons. Add these graphics when promoting your club via digital and print materials. This is a nice subtle way to let your members know about the availability of your app. 

  • Website headers or footers
  • Website ‘Contact Us’ page
  • eNews template headers or footers
  • Menus
  • Posters and signage
  • Club brochures
  • Scorecards

7. Recruit club influencers 

Sign up your popular club, staff or committee members as app ambassadors to help spread the word and assist other members with their mobile downloads. This is a great task for junior members members who are familiar with smartphone devices. Recruit a few younger influencers to help induct your club’s adult membership base. 

8. Share your QR codes

Every page of content created within your club app comes with its own QR code that can be referenced by your app’s inbuilt scanner icon. Using QR codes on printed materials around your facilities can serve multiple purposes and are all designed to drive additional downloads. 

MiClub Demo App

Download the MiClub Demo App and use the scan icon to scan the QR code on the left. 

To access the MiClub Demo first download the ENTEGY LAUNCHER from the iTunes App Store or Google Play. Then enter the code ‘miclubdemo’ to view the demo app (Bushwood Country Club). Scan the QR code on the left to unlock the promotional offer!