Got MiStats? Use our Member Pack to spread the word

Posted: 2nd August 2017 in MiScore, MiStats

Facebook post image for MiStats

MiStats is a golf statistics package, supplied to all MiScore and Autoscore clients. Once MiStats has been added to your member portal, you may find it useful to use this pack to tell your members about this unique member service.

Get your players to notice MiStats, your golf statistics package for golfers

1. Noticeboard flyer

Download and print out MiStats flyer for members and place around the club. (PDF file: 1.4MB)

2. Text for news items and/or enews

To add a news item in the club’s portal or into an email newsletter, you may find it useful to copy the heading and content below.


Take a closer look at your stats with MiStats


MiStats, a new member service, is a new tool to track your scoring performance across key statistical measures. Your results will automatically be added at the close of each competition round.

Now you can keep an eye on your golfing stats, including

  • overall score
  • performance based on the par of the hole
  • your best and worst hole
  • result percentage per hole, and
  • scoring trend over a date period.

If you are really keen, you can add more detail for each round. Access MiStats through the member portal.


If you wish to use an image for your enews or website member portal news, right mouse click on the image below and choose “Save image as”.

MiStats screenshot

3. Facebook post

You may want to add a post with an image and link on your club’s Facebook page.


Think you know your best and worst hole on the course? MiStats, a new feature on our member portal, is an engaging tool that tracks your golfing performance. Scores are updated immediately after each competition round. Check your stats. [add link to member portal].


Add Facebook post image if desired. Right mouse click on the image below and choose “Save image as”. Image is correctly sized for a Facebook post.

Facebook post image for MiStats

4. Twitter

To tweet on your club’s twitter account (if applicable), copy the text below.


Think you know your best and worst hole? Head to the member portal and click on MiStats, a new feature that tracks your golf stats.

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