MiScore – Overview and benefits of self-scoring

Self-Scoring allows MiScore users will score for themselves and their playing partner. The player will officially submit their own score. A record of their partners scores is recorded as a reference.

MiScore will compare hole by hole scores between both player and partner, if correct they both sign on screen, then submit their own score.

If hole scores do not match between player and partner, then scores must be corrected within MiScore. Once corrected the player will advance to signing (required by player and partner) and then finalise score submission.

Self-scoring ensures MiScore users can use MiScore in the event their playing partner is using a physical card. If a physical card is being used then hole by hole checking is done manually.

For a non-app user who needs to submit their scores via a physical card, as of 9th Nov 2023 the competitor with a paper scorecard can now apply self scoring and keep their card so they can enter hole-by-hole scores on their scorecard. At the end of the round, the card must be signed by both the player and the marker, and then returned to the pro shop for submission.

*Under the player’s marker submission method, a MiScore app user would need to collect a physical card if their partner is a non app user. This often not known until players meet on the tee. In addition, there was significant wastage in clubs anticipating whom would require a physical card and printing unnecessarily. 

Self-Scoring delivers 

  • Increased scoring integrity
  • Improved user experience 
  • Reduction in card printing
  • Administration benefits

Is officially approved by the R&A