MiClub’s New National Support Manager

Posted: 2nd March 2021 in About us, Latest news

National Support Manager

MiClub welcomes Mackenzie Buck into the role of National Support Manager. This role primarily involves ensuring MiClub continues to deliver exceptional customer service through management of the national support team.

This is achieved by improving internal processes and facilitating the professional development of MiClub team members. Mackenzie commented, “I am very fortunate that the existing team is extremely experienced, hardworking, and talented. They have delivered some of the best support in the business for years and I consider myself very privileged to lead this team.” As the number of MiClub clients grows, maintaining our high standard of support will be a major focus for the role.

Mackenzie (or Mack) is a passionate golfer and active member of Nedlands Golf Club in Western Australia. He also participates in weekly rounds with MiClub staff. After almost a year assisting clubs and courses as a Golf Support Specialist, Mackenzie has excelled in customer service and building team cohesion. This is reflected in 114 positive customer reviews, a customer satisfaction score of 94.7, and sentiment within the MiClub support team.

How do you provide exceptional support for MiClub clients?

“An important consideration, from my experience working on the support team, is the discourse that is apparent over the phone. Having a good understanding of the MiClub product is one piece of the puzzle in delivering quality support. But I believe a more crucial skill is the ability to communicate with clients at different knowledge levels in a manner that is clear and understandable. Our clients range from smaller clubs in regional Australia to large metropolitan clubs in the heart of our capital cities; all with different resources, skills, and experience using the MiClub product. Being able to explain complex processes in a way that is appropriate for the person on the other side of the phone is a requirement.”

Tell us about your most impactful support experience?

“I have had too many to mention!  But some of the most impactful and memorable experiences have been with our OneGolf clients who are often volunteers thrust into a position that is relatively stressful. They have numerous golfers needing scorecards, results, and prizes all within a limited timeframe. Being able to assist people and help them get their job done in a timely and effective manner is extremely rewarding. One particular memory is signing up a golfer in his late 80s to the MiScore app so that he could score on his phone. After getting through the required stages and finalizing his subscription, he let out a loud cheer over the phone and we both rejoiced. He was so happy to get it all sorted and put an end to the banter in his playing group. As he was the only one not using the MiScore app.”

MiClub Golf Group at WAGC

How do you think technology can help enhance golf moving forwards?

“Technology continues to impact our everyday lives in a range of different ways. With the game of golf having such a long history there is a notion that the sport is slow to adapt to the ever-changing world that surrounds it. But I believe this is not the case and golf has been quite quick to adapt to technological improvements and will continue to do so long into the future. I think the most powerful impact technology can have is making the game more sustainable from an economic, environmental, and governance perspective. Golf courses consume a lot of valuable resources. Technological improvements to water management and turf practices over the last few decades has delivered considerable resource savings. All while maintaining excellent course condition standards.”

“Software such as the recently released MiScore app, means reduced need for scorecards. The environmental benefits from less paper and toner are evident. The MiClub Golf system has allowed committees and competition administrators to manage competitions, timesheets, and events all remotely. It has significantly reduced the labour and skill requirements for golf clubs across Australia, making golf more economically viable and easier to govern. In turn allowing more golf clubs to exist across Australia and facilitating more access to the game of golf.”

What is your background in golf?

“I started golf around my mid-twenties. Immediately, I was bit by the bug and became obsessed, dedicating most of my free time to the game. After practically living at Nedlands Golf Club, I was approached for a position in the Pro-shop, which I jumped on. From there I spent 5-years in a Golf Operations role before beginning work at MiClub. A dream which combined my passion of golf with my interest in technology. I am a self-confessed golf tragic. My lack of golfing talent actually motivated me to look for different employment opportunities and a career path that didn’t involve actually playing good golf!”

What is the most enjoyable course you have played?

“I hope to play some more of the world-class golf course venues across Australia one day. A local favourite would be Joondalup Country Club in Perth, which has really dramatic course architecture and is presented immaculately. But in terms of the most enjoyable, I have been lucky enough to visit Scotland to play. The course that stood out for me was North Berwick Links, an extremely playable golf course (depending on prevailing weather conditions) with famous holes including the 13th (The Pit) and the 15th (Redan) Par 3. The enjoyment levels of the Berwick Links course is second to none and many of the famous holes have been used as a template across 100s of courses around the world.”

Customer Reviews

“Thanks Mackenzie for fixing my problem swiftly. Great work!”

Greg – MiScore app user

“Great service yet again MiClub with your answer to my problem. Cheers!”

Christopher Meegan – Royal Park Golf Club

“Very understanding person on the phone, was willing to listen and helped me out. Was very happy with the service. Thank you so much.

Eric Abdilla – MiScore app user

“The support person was so nice and did everything he could to make my experience easier.”

Kylie – Cronulla Golf Club

“The person I spoke to was very good, he never gave up and tried many solutions to get me moving forward. He solved the problem which helped me out a lot. I was very happy with the result. Thank you very much. Cheers.”

Garry – MiScore app user

“Quick response and clear instructions.”

Colleen Miller – Werribee Park Golf Club

“Very quick and professional response.”

Dave – Atherton Golf Club

“Mackenzie was very helpful with a good knowledge of problems.”

Wayne Smith – MiScore app user

“Mackenzie was most helpful and resolved my issues. Thank you.”

Jan – MiScore app user

“Excellent service by Mackenzie”

Grant Wilson – Playford Lakes Golf Club