MiClub Tees Up for Future Growth with a Strategic Cloud Migration

Posted: 18th March 2024 in Latest news

Golf stands as one of Australia’s favourite participant sports, captivating 2.2 million players annually. With more than half of the nation’s 1,500 golf clubs embracing MiClub’s innovative golf and club management solutions, MiClub recently underwent a significant upgrade to its system infrastructure to provide reliable delivery of services. Since inception MiClub had operated its own physical hardware stored in a secure data centre. This structure which was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain performance levels and manage costs.

After thorough exploration of available systems, MiClub forged a strategic partnership with Akamai Cloud Computing (formerly Linode) to conceive and implement a cloud-based infrastructure. This transition from physical equipment managed within a Data Centre to a dynamic and scalable environment marks a pivotal advancement.

This new infrastructure enables tailored customization for each client, catering to individual needs while streamlining performance management, maintenance, and issue resolution processes.

Overseen by MiClub’s Systems Manager, Paul Dean, the systems upgrade project was precisely constructed to provide a flexible environment adept at handling the frequent spikes in demand experienced by our client base.

“MiClub prides itself on delivering exceptional service, support, and performance, and it’s imperative that our underlying infrastructure aligns seamlessly with these goals,” states Paul. “This project has proven to be mutually beneficial, enhancing performance while simplifying management.”

The migration to Akamai Cloud Computing was successfully completed in late 2023, culminating in the decommissioning of the previous infrastructure. Our dedicated systems team now leverages a range of new functions and services to further optimize our systems and strengthen support for our expanding product range.