MiClub accelerates infrastructural improvements for system performance

Posted: 24th July 2020 in Latest news

MiClub Server room 3D illustration

MiClub’s market leading golf software products have been web-based from the beginning. To provide this service, ongoing investment into our underlying technological infrastructure has been crucial to meet the growing needs of our customers. Over the COVID-19 period, we have seen extraordinary increases in online website traffic and golf bookings for MiClub clients. For many clubs and courses, the introduction of mandatory bookings has been a large contributor to this increase.

Initially MiClub had major upgrades scheduled to this environment for late 2020. However, with the recent spike in demand for golf, we have expedited these enhancements. Works commenced in late March and are scheduled to conclude in August (see table below). The enhancements are being completed in phases around customer operations. These improvements involve the installation of new hardware such as servers, memory, network infrastructure and drives. New virtual environments and a revised website resourcing model is being implemented.

This endeavour has already yielded significant improvements in online experience with faster loading speeds for end users and golfers interacting with MiClub websites. Additionally, providing our technical and support teams with live monitoring tools. This gives MiClub greater adaptability to respond to individual customer needs and requirements. MiClub’s infrastructural improvements will affect products including MiClub GolfMiClub OneGolfMiMembership software, and client websites

Infrastructural upgrades Benefits
Installation of new servers.
  • Faster website load speeds.
  • Higher availability.
  • Increased processing capacity.
  • Increased storage space.
  • Increased bandwidth availability.
Migration of websites to new infrastructure.
New virtualisation environment.
Installation of additional memory.
Improved website resourcing model.