Hole by hole score comparison

The MiScore App’s new hole by hole score comparison feature validates hole by hole scores between player and partner for all individual and in-conjunction comp types. Stand alone paired team events will be supported in the future. 


  • After swiping from the final hole the MiScore App will perform a hole by hole score check against your the scores recorded by your playing partner.
  • If your playing partner has not completed a score entry on any hole, a waiting screen will display for you.
  • This screen will continue to check that all scores are entered while displayed and progress to score comparison once all hole scores are retrieved.
  • In the case there is a mis-match of scores the MiScore app will identify which holes require review.
  • Select the hole # button and the MiScore app will revert to the score entry screen.
  • Verify the score with your partner and correct the scores until they match up (nett results) 
  • Swipe back to perform another score check until you can access the score submission screen for both players to sign off as normal.
  • If another mis match is shown then repeat the mis-match process until you can access the score submission screen. 


  • Mis Match will only display when nett scores are not the same. So in a case a player holes out for 0 points and enters their gross score in while the marker enters a P (o points ) then mis match is bypassed.
  • Score Comparison check will be bypassed automatically if your playing partner is not scoring via the app (i.e. has a paper scorecard) 
Waiting Screen Mis-match Screen

Note2 : If a players device runs out of battery prior the end of the round or if a partner pulls out prior to the end of the game, the partner will be prevented from submitting their score unless they choose to swap scoring partners. If swapping is not feasible they will need to approach the golf shop to finalise the score entry in these cases.