Cottesloe Open – Live Scoring with MiScore App

Posted: 29th October 2021 in About us, Latest news

The recent 90th Cottesloe Open, a major Perth amateur event, stipulated that the MiScore App would be the only method of scoring.

MiClub had two golf support staff, Mackenzie Buck and Arden Ashworth, at Cottesloe overseeing the use of MiScore and ensuring Cottesloe got the most out of live scoring. 

The weather allowed for perfect golf conditions and Cottesloe noted that ‘the great innovation of live scoring available on-line adding to the excitement on and off course.’ 

Mackenzie and Arden said that other than a few extremely minor hiccups, which they were able to resolve, the event went perfectly according to plan. With a lot of positive feedback received during the event from players and supporters, it is hopefully the first of many amateur events to be live scored with MiScore.

How to live score your events.

The team at MiClub designs and format the leaderboards to suit your wishes.

Cottesloe Golf Club came to us about a month before the event requesting live leaderboards. Within that time we were able to set up custom leaderboards while the creative team took care of the design. Our support team organised two members of golf support to be there on the off chance anything wrong.

Get in touch with us if you want to take advantage of live scoring to add to the excitement and atmosphere of your major events.