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New self-score submission with MiScore


We are introducing a major and most sought-after change to player score submission with MiScore. Golfers will be able to submit their own score if self-scoring is approved by their home club. This new self-score submission functionality has the full support of Golf Australia during the COVID-19 period.

"This functionality complies with all requirements of the Rules of Handicapping and the Rules of Golf as outlined by the R&A and Golf Australia for the COVID-19 period. In addition, Golf Australia strongly supports the increased use of technology in the formal scoring process. We believe this is a significant advancement for the game of golf." - Golf Australia

Please note that this scoring feature is optional, and the existing score submission method will still be available. We are providing two weeks' notice to allow clubs to consider this option. MiScore users will not be advised of this change as it is a club decision. If your club does choose to approve the new self-score submission process with MiScore, then notifying members will be up to the golf club. Please contact support@miclub.com.au if you would like to activate self-scoring.

New self-score submission process (optional)

  • This option will be available by June 30 for clubs that advise MiClub they wish to allow this new process.
  • Players can score and submit their own score once approved by their playing partner, verbally or by signature. 
  • The MiScore app user will submit their own score; NOT their marker's score as currently occurs.
  • Swapping cards or submitting your marker's score by card or MiScore is no longer required. 
  • Players will continue to keep score of their playing partner (marker), as they already do, in order to confirm/check their playing partner's score.


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