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Thank you for the feedback!

We have received many hundreds of feedback submissions. It has been a great response with insightful ideas and many comments. We will endeavour to respond to everyone in due course. There were several common topics mentioned frequently that we would like to clarify for you.



1. Registered clubs and courses

The MiScore app is only available for use at registered golf clubs and courses that use MiClub golf software. There is a rapidly growing list of 200 registered venues in Australia and New Zealand where you can use MiScore! You can view our list to find out if your club or course is registered or contact your local club directly. 



2. Index on each hole

This can be found by selecting the TOTAL box. A scorecard will appear showing index and enabling the scores to be checked for each nine etc. We didn't include this information on the scoring screen as space was at a premium if we wanted to have a large and simple to read scoring screen.



3. Double score entry

This feature is on the way! When we developed the app we had to adhere to the R&A rules on score submission. You could only mark score for another player. This has now all changed so we will be enabling both scores to be entered. This will appear in the coming weeks. However, double score entry will still be subject to approval by your club or course.



4. Quick Score Entry

Use the PAR button to quickly adjust your score to the par value of the hole i.e. 3, 4, or 5. If your score differs then use the plus or minus keys to get the actual gross score for the hole. This feature helps you spend less time scoring and more time in the game. 



5. Overview of the hole

Selecting the DISTANCE will open up an overhead view of the hole. You can mark different points (like bunkers) on the map to view distances to your location. Please note that this feature is a heavy user of battery life. This can be an issue if you have an older model of phone.



6. Battery life

All GPS systems use a large amount of device battery. The best approach especially for older phones is to set the phone to LOW POWER MODE in your phone settings or carry a backup battery device. Many new powered buggies now include a USB charger port which can be utilised. Currently the back light is set to 100% while scoring however we will be setting this back to a default of 80% to assist with battery usage. There will also be added screen brightness controls in the app settings. 



7. Recording putts/drives

This information is readily available within the MiScore app from the main menu. Take a look at MiStats to view your playing history (MENU > MiStats). This feature is only available for competition rounds scored with MiScore. MiStats is currently not available for social scoring. 



8. Recording match score with playing partners

This is a functionality that we are looking in to and will advise everyone in the future regarding it's development.



9. Total score reflecting after each hole

We will be adjusting this to present the total score i.e. stableford points as of that hole. This area can be turned off if you do not want to know (MENU > SETTINGS > TOTAL SCORES ENABLED).



MiScore Forum

You can now share your experiences, development ideas, or ask us questions on the MiScore Forum page. Get answers and interact with other MiScore users around Australia. 

MiScore Forum


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