MiClub updates member booking restrictions

Posted: 7th November 2018 in Golf Management, Latest news, MiClub Golf

online booking restrictions

New booking restrictions are being introduced to stop ineligible members from saving spots on the timesheet or waiting lists. This enhancement has been developed due to user feedback on the prevalence of ‘blocker bookings.’ Especially when clubs have scheduled bookings access defined by membership categories. The new update will prevent ineligible members from booking other players with booking rights. 

What is a blocker booking?

In the case of scheduled bookings rules, an ineligible player will book a group including a player they know will not play on the day. When the time comes that their membership category is eligible to book on the timesheet, they will remove the player that was never going to play and book themselves in the now vacant position. This is not a practice the we want to encourage because it drops the value of premium golf membership categories. 

Create a members portal notification

We have arranged a notification for your members detailing these new changes. You can publish this information online through your MiClub members portal or other member communication channels. Simply copy and paste this message to get the word out and avoid confusion. 

New Member Booking Restrictions

“An amendment has been made to the timesheet booking system to stop ineligible players from booking other members onto timesheets. This enhancement will not affect the standard bookings process for eligible members on eligible timesheets. This will only affect those members who book other members onto timesheets which they themselves are ineligible to play. The change has been made to reduce the occurrence of ‘blocker’ bookings on timesheets and to ensure members with playing rights on the day are given fair and equitable access.” 

Booking Scenario

“A 6-day member is wanting to book a group of four on a Saturday timesheet that does not include themselves. Under the new arrangement, one of the 7-day members in the group would have to make the booking. The 6-day member does not have playing rights on the Saturday, so they will be blocked from booking the group.”